These are some awesome extra photos of some of my favorite costumes. These are all the special photoshoot ones or in the case of Gamzee some of the silly ones that get online a lot. The previous posts were mostly at-convention shots because I feel it’s a bit more fair a documentation of my actual skill than processed photoshoot pictures where I can control the lighting and makeup and pose and edit anything that goes slightly wrong, but this is the stuff that I think is really special and the location shots.

Bonus Post Round One is for:

-Two photos of Dave from Homestuck (first is most ironic)

-Two photos of Vinegar Doppio, one as a location shot and one showing my razor blades prop (King Crimson vs Metallica is best fight in JoJo 5, prove me wrong)

-A photo of my Ed with a really awesome Ling

-Some Gamzee outtakes and a Psycho Gamzee

-A location shot for Haman Karn (took me years to get this shot!)